Magheramorne Estate Wedding: Steph and Ramon's Summer Shindig

Alright, you beautiful people, grab your reading glasses and settle in because we've got a wedding story from Magheramorne Estate that's more epic than a Game of Thrones season finale.

Steph and Ramon, the stars of our show, brought the heat to Co. Antrim in a way that even the Irish summer sun couldn't compete with.

First things first, Magheramorne Estate – a place so stunning, it's like the universe decided to show off. If fairy tales were real, this would be the castle where the cool royals live, complete with its own soundtrack of seagulls harmonising in the background.

Now, Steph, our blushing bride, made an entrance that could rival a Marvel superhero's debut. Seriously, if there were an Avenger for love and laughter, she'd be it.

Ramon, on the other hand, looked sharper than a tailor's needle – a man on a mission to steal hearts and dance the night away.

The ceremony? Well, let's just say, it was so romantic that even the seagulls paused mid-swoop to appreciate the love in the air. And trust me, getting seagulls in Co. Antrim to stop making a racket is practically a wedding miracle.

Now, onto the festivities. Magheramorne Estate knows how to throw a bash that would make a rock star jealous. The dance floor was like a scene from Dirty Dancing meets Saturday Night Fever – and yes, there were lifts, spins, and probably a few dance moves that haven't been seen since the '80s.

Our cameras had a workout of their own, capturing every candid moment, every laugh that echoed through the estate, and every seagull that decided to photobomb the scenic shots. Steph and Ramon, you two were like the headliners of the coolest concert in town.

So, here's to Steph and Ramon – the dynamic duo who turned Magheramorne Estate into a love-filled blockbuster. 


nd to Magheramorne Estate, keep being the wedding venue that dreams are made of. If weddings had Oscars, you'd be taking home the Best Supporting Venue trophy every time.

Until the next love story unfolds, stay witty and keep celebrating, you magnificent bunch!

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