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We want to tell you a story. It’s a story filled with emotion and love and hope. You think you’ve heard it before but it’s different. Do you remember that tingly, fuzzy feeling you got the first time you saw each other?
Thats what we want you to remember when you look at your wedding photography and Film. Those chilled out moments only happen when you are being you. We want to tell your true story.

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Wedding Photography and Film are like visual poetry. There are so many stories and meanings they can portray, it all depends on who's looking and whether they are paying enough attention.

Our goal is to capture beautiful in-between moments that make your story so special

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We love what we do and we would

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Michelle and Chris

'Thank you so much for these amazing pictures we can’t believe how great they turned out.Thanks again for making our day so special'

McGlade Wedding Photography and Film
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McGlade Wedding Photography and Film
Can you picture yourself in our photos or film?

If you see beauty the way we do, let's work together!

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McGlade Wedding Photography and Film